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Welcome to PlanetUnix Networks

The most popular public service offered by PlanetUnix Networks is our Mirror Service.

The mirror service is hosted on a 100Mbps link located at SharkTECH in Chicago, IL, USA.

The mirror can be accessed via HTTP, FTP, RSYNC, and AnonCVS (OpenBSD only).

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etherip00.07 Kb/s in0.04 Kb/s out1 pps in0 pps out
ping10. loss23.511 min23.668 avg23.799 max0.232 std

OpenBSD 5.2

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em11.42 Kb/s in0.29 Kb/s out4 pps in3 pps out
ping172. loss24.198 min25.183 avg26.226 max0.505 std
ping172. loss3.478 min3.640 avg4.529 max0.305 std
ping172. loss34.841 min43.875 avg64.371 max8.993 std
ping172. loss25.300 min25.909 avg26.873 max0.430 std
ping172. loss21.700 min22.676 avg23.554 max0.428 std
ping172. loss65.251 min66.057 avg66.959 max0.595 std
ping172. loss99.317 min99.720 avg100.529 max0.501 std
ping172. loss100.862 min105.530 avg110.687 max3.175 std
ping172. loss201.999 min202.319 avg203.096 max0.636 std
ping172. loss227.523 min227.954 avg228.899 max0.720 std
ping172. loss207.271 min207.555 avg208.606 max0.425 std
ping172. loss205.859 min206.734 avg207.677 max0.748 std

OpenBSD 5.2

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em10.02 Kb/s in0.07 Kb/s out0 pps in0 pps out

OpenBSD 5.2

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load: 0.15 0.11 0.08

cpu0.0% user0.0% nice0.2% sys0.0% intr99.8% idle
em01.60 Kb/s in1.76 Kb/s out5 pps in5 pps out
ping172. loss29.126 min29.678 avg30.774 max0.647 std
ping172. loss3.536 min3.602 avg3.670 max0.078 std
ping172. loss32.913 min40.221 avg55.682 max7.475 std
ping172. loss25.410 min25.663 avg25.782 max0.161 std
ping172. loss22.544 min22.876 avg23.423 max0.234 std
ping172. loss65.658 min66.768 avg68.566 max1.124 std
ping172. loss95.336 min95.931 avg97.325 max0.691 std
ping172. loss107.510 min109.871 avg112.383 max1.515 std
ping172. loss201.508 min202.136 avg202.571 max0.407 std
ping172. loss228.400 min228.710 avg228.976 max0.422 std
ping172. loss205.215 min205.693 avg206.048 max0.595 std
ping172. loss205.907 min206.726 avg208.407 max0.762 std

NetBSD 6.1.4

up 118+11:50

2 users

load: 1.10 1.05 1.02

cpu1.9% user0.0% nice2.8% sys3.6% intr91.7% idle
xennet0782.97 Kb/s in1763.13 Kb/s out1319 pps in1986 pps out
xennet10.17 Kb/s in0.69 Kb/s out2 pps in2 pps out

FreeBSD 10.0

up 74+11:56

0 users

load: 0.22 0.24 0.24

cpu0.1% user0.0% nice0.2% sys0.0% intr99.7% idle
hn01.62 Kb/s in1.74 Kb/s out5 pps in5 pps out
ping172. loss38.247 min39.011 avg41.240 max0.872 std
ping172. loss22.231 min22.669 avg23.218 max0.355 std
ping172. loss22.161 min22.721 avg23.308 max0.357 std
ping172. loss38.097 min40.913 avg46.859 max2.500 std
ping172. loss46.528 min47.120 avg49.596 max0.897 std
ping172. loss76.806 min78.199 avg85.695 max2.614 std
ping172. loss85.258 min86.929 avg94.006 max2.627 std
ping172. loss86.827 min88.244 avg95.510 max2.570 std
ping172. loss207.408 min209.373 avg215.962 max2.609 std
ping172. loss229.437 min231.812 avg239.295 max3.170 std
ping172. loss155.056 min157.358 avg163.586 max2.695 std
ping172. loss163.192 min165.789 avg172.845 max2.909 std

FreeBSD 10.0

up 74+08:23

0 users

load: 0.19 0.21 0.17

cpu0.0% user0.0% nice0.1% sys0.0% intr99.8% idle
hn01.59 Kb/s in1.72 Kb/s out5 pps in5 pps out
ping172. loss239.494 min240.947 avg242.033 max1.010 std
ping172. loss204.515 min205.600 avg206.724 max0.924 std
ping172. loss206.237 min207.348 avg208.325 max0.866 std
ping172. loss235.595 min243.256 avg286.321 max14.644 std
ping172. loss181.158 min182.171 avg183.226 max0.818 std
ping172. loss155.140 min156.648 avg159.875 max1.374 std
ping172. loss106.599 min110.222 avg117.235 max3.970 std
ping172. loss229.599 min230.709 avg233.832 max1.192 std
ping172. loss236.631 min238.627 avg241.813 max1.712 std
ping172. loss52.278 min54.444 avg58.118 max2.087 std
ping172. loss69.369 min71.373 avg75.105 max2.107 std
ping172. loss9.565 min12.329 avg16.877 max2.461 std

OpenBSD 5.2

up 27+01:11

0 users

load: 0.35 0.21 0.17

cpu0.1% user0.0% nice1.6% sys0.2% intr98.1% idle
em01.91 Kb/s in1.76 Kb/s out9 pps in5 pps out
ping172. loss58.211 min59.409 avg63.008 max1.831 std
ping172. loss25.512 min25.907 avg26.736 max0.427 std
ping172. loss25.570 min25.838 avg26.400 max0.279 std
ping172. loss57.778 min64.684 avg93.895 max10.615 std
ping172. loss46.935 min47.152 avg47.936 max0.350 std
ping172. loss31.652 min31.904 avg32.351 max0.200 std
ping172. loss117.870 min118.265 avg119.875 max0.579 std
ping172. loss121.218 min123.993 avg134.708 max3.740 std
ping172. loss175.952 min176.392 avg177.998 max0.624 std
ping172. loss204.829 min205.377 avg207.107 max0.805 std
ping172. loss181.440 min182.070 avg184.254 max0.912 std
ping172. loss184.722 min185.551 avg188.042 max0.948 std

OpenBSD 5.6

up 15+17:53

4 users

load: 0.00 0.00 0.00

cpu0.8% user0.0% nice0.0% sys0.0% intr0.0% idle
bge00.78 Kb/s in2.27 Kb/s out5 pps in5 pps out
sk05.04 Kb/s in2.63 Kb/s out11 pps in11 pps out
ral00.00 Kb/s in0.00 Kb/s out0 pps in0 pps out
ping172. loss25.126 min25.348 avg25.578 max0.218 std
ping172. loss25.236 min25.682 avg27.992 max0.811 std
ping172. loss24.869 min28.080 avg35.554 max2.902 std
ping172. loss57.882 min58.208 avg58.902 max0.374 std
ping172. loss34.046 min34.158 avg34.302 max0.236 std
ping172. loss79.586 min79.947 avg80.881 max0.409 std
ping172. loss86.018 min87.057 avg88.057 max0.645 std
ping172. loss89.336 min96.589 avg104.259 max3.934 std
ping172. loss234.114 min234.461 avg234.907 max0.585 std
ping172. loss247.660 min248.082 avg248.485 max0.594 std
ping172. loss235.185 min235.825 avg238.894 max1.033 std
ping172. loss242.088 min242.411 avg242.946 max0.461 std

FreeBSD 10.0

up 13+06:25

0 users

load: 0.37 0.40 0.31

cpu0.1% user0.0% nice0.6% sys0.0% intr99.2% idle
hn01.60 Kb/s in1.73 Kb/s out5 pps in5 pps out
ping172. loss251.691 min252.779 avg254.520 max1.051 std
ping172. loss227.383 min228.104 avg231.290 max1.133 std
ping172. loss226.729 min227.623 avg231.220 max1.244 std
ping172. loss251.398 min258.201 avg282.018 max9.100 std
ping172. loss204.576 min205.212 avg207.159 max0.922 std
ping172. loss229.506 min230.279 avg231.969 max0.911 std
ping172. loss173.221 min173.985 avg175.451 max0.856 std
ping172. loss304.867 min305.350 avg306.729 max0.912 std
ping172. loss303.233 min304.413 avg305.976 max0.929 std
ping172. loss32.038 min33.114 avg37.100 max1.449 std
ping172. loss69.483 min70.805 avg74.458 max1.768 std
ping172. loss76.071 min77.570 avg81.663 max1.886 std

FreeBSD 10.0

up 4+22:38

0 users

load: 0.34 0.40 0.31

cpu0.1% user0.0% nice0.1% sys0.0% intr99.8% idle
hn01.61 Kb/s in1.74 Kb/s out5 pps in5 pps out
ping172. loss88.823 min92.872 avg98.649 max3.178 std
ping172. loss100.609 min103.590 avg110.069 max2.928 std
ping172. loss98.701 min101.574 avg108.395 max2.933 std
ping172. loss116.587 min125.965 avg134.765 max6.191 std
ping172. loss121.262 min124.064 avg130.446 max2.703 std
ping172. loss86.886 min87.135 avg87.386 max0.173 std
ping172. loss152.668 min153.290 avg154.878 max0.665 std
ping172. loss16.847 min17.064 avg17.423 max0.211 std
ping172. loss287.670 min288.553 avg292.192 max1.411 std
ping172. loss303.181 min304.042 avg307.443 max1.205 std
ping172. loss236.650 min237.934 avg241.500 max1.836 std
ping172. loss244.588 min248.840 avg266.735 max6.440 std

FreeBSD 10.0

up 2+12:12

0 users

load: 0.23 0.29 0.27

cpu0.0% user0.0% nice0.1% sys0.0% intr99.8% idle
hn01.60 Kb/s in1.73 Kb/s out5 pps in5 pps out
ping172. loss80.460 min84.009 avg86.943 max1.845 std
ping172. loss64.947 min66.227 avg69.856 max1.359 std
ping172. loss65.126 min65.472 avg65.891 max0.297 std
ping172. loss92.708 min97.802 avg106.973 max4.935 std
ping172. loss31.403 min32.021 avg33.778 max0.700 std
ping172. loss76.731 min79.375 avg96.889 max5.880 std
ping172. loss142.163 min144.308 avg161.236 max5.651 std
ping172. loss152.578 min155.236 avg171.979 max5.617 std
ping172. loss156.635 min159.761 avg175.570 max6.051 std
ping172. loss173.143 min177.138 avg191.956 max6.286 std
ping172. loss106.635 min110.206 avg125.714 max5.907 std
ping172. loss112.285 min117.156 avg132.211 max5.818 std

FreeBSD 10.0

up 2+12:02

0 users

load: 0.49 0.33 0.27

cpu0.1% user0.0% nice0.1% sys0.0% intr99.9% idle
hn01.62 Kb/s in1.76 Kb/s out5 pps in5 pps out
ping172. loss234.108 min234.958 avg236.959 max1.021 std
ping172. loss200.833 min201.495 avg203.043 max0.881 std
ping172. loss201.009 min201.338 avg202.207 max0.687 std
ping172. loss231.879 min241.107 avg268.739 max12.129 std
ping172. loss175.466 min176.022 avg177.014 max0.752 std
ping172. loss207.254 min207.648 avg208.845 max0.474 std
ping172. loss156.770 min157.218 avg157.866 max0.536 std
ping172. loss287.069 min287.698 avg288.372 max0.684 std
ping172. loss287.474 min287.963 avg288.862 max0.814 std
ping172. loss31.956 min32.356 avg33.476 max0.470 std
ping172. loss52.077 min52.515 avg53.777 max0.551 std
ping172. loss59.142 min59.545 avg60.406 max0.507 std

FreeBSD 10.0

up 2+12:01

0 users

load: 0.55 0.41 0.33

cpu0.1% user0.0% nice0.1% sys0.0% intr99.7% idle
hn01.60 Kb/s in1.73 Kb/s out5 pps in5 pps out
ping172. loss245.870 min246.980 avg248.662 max0.913 std
ping172. loss205.102 min205.880 avg208.699 max1.134 std
ping172. loss205.275 min206.122 avg208.594 max1.074 std
ping172. loss234.918 min243.665 avg263.633 max9.321 std
ping172. loss184.568 min186.458 avg199.666 max4.441 std
ping172. loss163.650 min165.504 avg179.235 max4.598 std
ping172. loss112.626 min115.263 avg127.902 max4.471 std
ping172. loss237.797 min240.788 avg253.167 max4.560 std
ping172. loss244.733 min249.390 avg266.340 max7.327 std
ping172. loss59.149 min63.685 avg79.765 max6.955 std
ping172. loss76.104 min80.850 avg96.023 max6.765 std
ping172. loss9.689 min14.247 avg29.735 max6.845 std

FreeBSD 10.0

up 2+11:57

0 users

load: 0.21 0.24 0.24

cpu0.1% user0.0% nice0.2% sys0.0% intr99.8% idle
hn01.59 Kb/s in1.73 Kb/s out5 pps in5 pps out
ping172. loss86.330 min89.135 avg93.137 max2.411 std
ping172. loss94.680 min95.210 avg95.809 max0.422 std
ping172. loss98.723 min99.606 avg101.619 max0.897 std
ping172. loss116.666 min124.765 avg142.461 max8.072 std
ping172. loss117.614 min118.109 avg119.277 max0.487 std
ping172. loss85.400 min85.760 avg86.951 max0.561 std
ping172. loss141.976 min142.855 avg145.890 max1.222 std
ping172. loss17.077 min18.506 avg21.243 max1.614 std
ping172. loss287.029 min288.480 avg291.234 max1.662 std
ping172. loss304.670 min306.422 avg308.963 max1.603 std
ping172. loss229.618 min230.939 avg233.399 max1.537 std
ping172. loss237.967 min239.400 avg241.901 max1.615 std

NetBSD 6.0.1

up 22:20

2 users

load: 1.02 1.04 1.04

cpu0.2% user0.0% nice1.1% sys0.4% intr98.4% idle
bge02.26 Kb/s in0.81 Kb/s out5 pps in5 pps out
etherip00.04 Kb/s in0.07 Kb/s out0 pps in1 pps out

NetBSD 6.1.4

up 22:19

0 users

load: 0.00 0.00 0.15

cpu0.0% user0.0% nice0.0% sys0.0% intr100.0% idle
xennet00.09 Kb/s in0.07 Kb/s out1 pps in0 pps out

OpenBSD 5.2

up 22:18

0 users

load: 0.09 0.08 0.08

cpu0.0% user0.0% nice0.0% sys0.0% intr100.0% idle
em00.03 Kb/s in0.07 Kb/s out0 pps in0 pps out

OpenBSD 5.2

up 22:13

0 users

load: 0.13 0.13 0.26

cpu0.2% user0.0% nice1.6% sys0.8% intr97.4% idle
em01.14 Kb/s in0.32 Kb/s out2 pps in3 pps out
em10.04 Kb/s in0.07 Kb/s out0 pps in1 pps out

OpenBSD 5.1

up 11:14

3 users

load: 0.14 0.12 0.08

cpu0.0% user0.0% nice0.1% sys0.0% intr99.9% idle
em00.90 Kb/s in1.09 Kb/s out3 pps in3 pps out
vether00.00 Kb/s in0.00 Kb/s out0 pps in0 pps out
ping172. loss30.153 min35.617 avg40.376 max2.936 std
ping172. loss39.400 min44.563 avg49.867 max3.706 std
ping172. loss43.539 min46.549 avg49.678 max2.069 std
ping172. loss46.987 min52.683 avg69.444 max6.374 std
ping172. loss65.238 min69.677 avg76.833 max3.435 std
ping172. loss45.164 min48.436 avg51.037 max2.127 std
ping172. loss97.834 min101.217 avg104.612 max2.047 std
ping172. loss108.572 min118.358 avg133.457 max6.487 std
ping172. loss111.667 min119.931 avg134.951 max6.297 std
ping172. loss232.922 min236.711 avg242.758 max2.625 std
ping172. loss250.321 min255.724 avg261.111 max3.523 std
ping172. loss240.107 min242.073 avg249.062 max2.673 std
ping172. loss244.711 min249.394 avg253.573 max3.119 std

NetBSD 6.1

up 10:21

0 users

load: 0.03 0.04 0.00

cpu0.0% user0.0% nice0.1% sys0.1% intr99.8% idle
sk019.93 Kb/s in8.49 Kb/s out68 pps in61 pps out
sk16.83 Kb/s in18.09 Kb/s out57 pps in63 pps out
ping172. loss26.193 min30.353 avg43.159 max5.868 std
ping172. loss34.104 min38.099 avg51.100 max5.568 std
ping172. loss34.026 min38.026 avg51.027 max5.568 std
ping172. loss62.536 min66.443 avg78.849 max5.645 std
ping172. loss43.099 min47.832 avg58.845 max5.510 std
ping172. loss98.288 min102.543 avg114.700 max5.583 std
ping172. loss124.259 min129.422 avg140.589 max5.780 std
ping172. loss123.543 min129.354 avg140.632 max5.689 std
ping172. loss240.375 min245.308 avg256.306 max5.601 std
ping172. loss263.858 min268.407 avg280.195 max5.517 std
ping172. loss247.271 min252.649 avg264.264 max6.079 std
ping172. loss247.129 min253.148 avg264.123 max6.075 std

NetBSD 6.1.4

up 10:20

0 users

load: 0.00 0.00 0.00

cpu0.0% user0.0% nice0.0% sys0.0% intr100.0% idle
xennet00.26 Kb/s in0.08 Kb/s out2 pps in0 pps out

OpenBSD 5.2

up 5:11

0 users

load: 0.07 0.09 0.08

cpu0.1% user0.0% nice1.5% sys2.0% intr96.4% idle
em01.24 Kb/s in0.25 Kb/s out3 pps in2 pps out
em10.10 Kb/s in0.00 Kb/s out1 pps in0 pps out

PlanetUnix Networks' News Archive
9-28-2007     Brian

After a lot of customization and intense scripting, we have created a web hosting environment inside a chroot(2) jail. Kilo-Hosting is offering web hosting services based on our custom environment. Check them out for your hosting needs.

9-24-2007     Brian

The mirror server in Los Angeles will be replaced by a dual Xeon E5310 Dell PowerEdge SC1430 around mid-October.Cool Stuff.

8-26-2007     Brian

Our mirror service has been moved to Los Angeles, CA and is hosted at CalPOP.

4-23-2007     Brian

Third patch applied to all the OpenBSD systems which requires another reboot.

12-26-2006     Brian

Our mirror service is now hosting the NetBSD release engineering snapshot tree, as well as a NetBSD WWW mirror.

11-01-2006     Brian

The mirror service is now hosting a full, official NetBSD mirror via FTP, HTTP, and RSYNC.

10-17-2006     Brian

Both mail servers are now using the OpenBSD spamd(8) to filter incoming mail.

9-28-2006     Brian

Brought new backup server venus online. It will provide 960 GB of online backup space for all servers and workstations. Also purchased three more 320 GB ATA-133 hard drives from TigerDirect.

9-25-2006     Brian

Purchased two 320 GB ATA-133 hard drives for the mirror. This will expand our capacity to close to a terabyte. If you are interested in having a site mirrored, please e-mail me.

9-20-2006     Brian

Sent e-mail to OpenBSD www@ mailing list regarding mirror site. We should see some utilization soon after.

9-17-2006     Brian

Finished updating our cgi proxy for SSL support. The service members overseas in my old unit should enjoy this.

5-1-2006     Brian

OpenBSD archive created and population finished. Downloaded versions as far back as 2.0 from several mirrors across the globe.

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