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Welcome to PlanetUnix Networks

The most popular public service offered by PlanetUnix Networks is our Mirror Service.

The mirror service is hosted on a 100Mbps link located at SharkTECH in Chicago, IL, USA.

The mirror can be accessed via HTTP, FTP, RSYNC, and AnonCVS (OpenBSD only).

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ping172. loss25.097 min26.329 avg27.553 max0.595 std
ping172. loss52.057 min53.543 avg54.631 max0.653 std
ping172. loss94.913 min95.648 avg96.195 max0.400 std
ping172. loss97.144 min97.955 avg100.146 max0.841 std
ping172. loss201.355 min202.139 avg203.057 max0.755 std
ping172. loss236.480 min236.954 avg237.926 max0.739 std
ping172. loss220.399 min221.070 avg221.989 max0.508 std
ping172. loss203.955 min206.211 avg217.912 max3.942 std

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OpenBSD 5.2

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ping172. loss25.085 min25.516 avg27.788 max0.768 std
ping172. loss3.557 min4.099 avg8.313 max1.407 std
ping172. loss32.063 min35.672 avg48.174 max4.351 std
ping172. loss28.145 min28.864 avg31.203 max0.827 std
ping172. loss22.984 min23.490 avg25.862 max0.817 std
ping172. loss53.339 min54.608 avg56.340 max1.139 std
ping172. loss93.751 min94.421 avg96.779 max0.868 std
ping172. loss97.823 min98.606 avg100.907 max0.944 std
ping172. loss201.802 min202.478 avg204.866 max0.853 std
ping172. loss227.489 min228.604 avg233.228 max1.832 std
ping172. loss207.652 min209.709 avg222.964 max4.535 std
ping172. loss204.048 min205.246 avg206.097 max0.544 std

NetBSD 6.1.4

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xennet10.09 Kb/s in0.40 Kb/s out1 pps in1 pps out

NetBSD 6.1

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cpu0.0% user0.0% nice0.0% sys0.1% intr99.8% idle
sk08.14 Kb/s in7.60 Kb/s out59 pps in59 pps out
sk16.09 Kb/s in6.32 Kb/s out56 pps in53 pps out
ping172. loss36.207 min41.462 avg51.197 max4.937 std
ping172. loss32.129 min37.232 avg47.172 max4.948 std
ping172. loss32.217 min37.351 avg47.090 max4.781 std
ping172. loss60.936 min65.576 avg74.907 max4.644 std
ping172. loss41.902 min46.949 avg56.885 max4.947 std
ping172. loss88.857 min95.268 avg104.745 max5.021 std
ping172. loss120.737 min125.712 avg134.644 max4.822 std
ping172. loss124.540 min128.853 avg138.594 max4.754 std
ping172. loss238.399 min243.616 avg252.348 max4.688 std
ping172. loss272.194 min276.501 avg286.230 max4.787 std
ping172. loss246.272 min251.515 avg260.310 max4.707 std
ping172. loss244.257 min250.435 avg260.172 max4.894 std

OpenBSD 5.1

up 48+13:47

1 user

load: 0.96 0.89 0.84

cpu0.1% user0.0% nice0.2% sys0.1% intr99.6% idle
sk04.91 Kb/s in2.45 Kb/s out11 pps in10 pps out
sk10.76 Kb/s in4.43 Kb/s out11 pps in10 pps out
ral00.00 Kb/s in0.00 Kb/s out0 pps in0 pps out
vether00.08 Kb/s in0.01 Kb/s out1 pps in0 pps out
ping172. loss25.560 min25.677 avg25.880 max0.131 std
ping172. loss25.071 min25.701 avg28.026 max0.816 std
ping172. loss36.626 min38.679 avg41.673 max1.517 std
ping172. loss58.658 min59.018 avg59.913 max0.464 std
ping172. loss14.222 min14.508 avg15.528 max0.377 std
ping172. loss74.140 min74.480 avg75.558 max0.491 std
ping172. loss81.111 min81.409 avg81.671 max0.181 std
ping172. loss83.093 min83.950 avg84.705 max0.665 std
ping172. loss219.933 min220.566 avg223.337 max0.967 std
ping172. loss244.572 min245.091 avg245.946 max0.513 std
ping172. loss219.351 min219.667 avg220.602 max0.398 std
ping172. loss228.325 min228.776 avg230.300 max0.689 std
ping10. loss24.858 min25.047 avg25.315 max0.238 std

NetBSD 6.0.1

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load: 0.10 0.99 1.73

cpu0.7% user0.0% nice2.3% sys0.5% intr96.5% idle
bge01.96 Kb/s in0.64 Kb/s out4 pps in4 pps out

NetBSD 6.1.4

up 48+13:46

0 users

load: 0.00 0.00 0.00

cpu0.0% user0.0% nice0.0% sys0.1% intr99.9% idle
xennet00.10 Kb/s in0.07 Kb/s out1 pps in0 pps out

OpenBSD 5.2

up 48+13:45

0 users

load: 0.06 0.24 0.40

cpu0.1% user0.0% nice1.7% sys1.1% intr97.1% idle
em01.08 Kb/s in0.30 Kb/s out2 pps in2 pps out

OpenBSD 5.2

up 48+13:44

0 users

load: 0.14 0.11 0.08

cpu0.1% user0.0% nice1.8% sys1.0% intr97.0% idle
em01.14 Kb/s in0.23 Kb/s out3 pps in1 pps out

OpenBSD 5.2

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0 users

load: 0.21 0.13 0.09

cpu0.0% user0.0% nice0.4% sys0.0% intr99.5% idle
em00.08 Kb/s in0.20 Kb/s out0 pps in1 pps out

FreeBSD 10.0

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load: 0.27 0.40 0.38

cpu0.1% user0.0% nice0.2% sys0.1% intr99.7% idle
hn01.58 Kb/s in1.72 Kb/s out5 pps in5 pps out
ping172. loss14.243 min14.616 avg15.307 max0.352 std
ping172. loss22.509 min22.827 avg23.278 max0.255 std
ping172. loss25.774 min26.066 avg26.438 max0.255 std
ping172. loss38.388 min40.722 avg54.518 max4.707 std
ping172. loss55.148 min57.421 avg72.166 max4.945 std
ping172. loss67.951 min72.465 avg85.548 max6.672 std
ping172. loss85.185 min88.798 avg103.169 max6.832 std
ping172. loss84.491 min89.388 avg101.940 max6.380 std
ping172. loss208.942 min213.867 avg226.079 max6.237 std
ping172. loss221.032 min225.511 avg238.206 max6.344 std
ping172. loss155.051 min159.711 avg171.989 max6.294 std
ping172. loss162.592 min167.016 avg179.923 max6.507 std

FreeBSD 10.0

up 44+19:33

0 users

load: 0.28 0.27 0.24

cpu0.0% user0.0% nice0.0% sys0.0% intr99.9% idle
hn01.57 Kb/s in1.70 Kb/s out5 pps in5 pps out
ping172. loss74.180 min74.541 avg75.199 max0.308 std
ping172. loss52.634 min53.011 avg53.503 max0.390 std
ping172. loss52.788 min53.387 avg54.850 max0.662 std
ping172. loss84.124 min88.229 avg100.101 max4.246 std
ping172. loss48.516 min48.863 avg49.699 max0.437 std
ping172. loss67.777 min68.582 avg69.731 max0.642 std
ping172. loss146.682 min147.886 avg154.667 max2.292 std
ping172. loss152.344 min153.824 avg158.731 max1.808 std
ping172. loss156.550 min157.885 avg162.634 max2.069 std
ping172. loss173.151 min174.584 avg178.904 max2.039 std
ping172. loss106.855 min108.950 avg112.992 max2.435 std
ping172. loss113.805 min116.478 avg120.382 max2.449 std

FreeBSD 10.0

up 44+16:12

0 users

load: 0.33 0.29 0.27

cpu0.1% user0.0% nice0.2% sys0.0% intr99.7% idle
hn01.57 Kb/s in1.71 Kb/s out5 pps in5 pps out
ping172. loss220.050 min220.614 avg221.538 max0.508 std
ping172. loss201.219 min202.101 avg205.589 max1.296 std
ping172. loss201.091 min201.804 avg203.390 max0.816 std
ping172. loss231.018 min233.955 avg247.590 max4.765 std
ping172. loss192.900 min193.567 avg195.128 max0.826 std
ping172. loss208.766 min209.533 avg210.911 max0.625 std
ping172. loss156.594 min157.550 avg159.988 max1.266 std
ping172. loss279.284 min279.966 avg281.564 max0.850 std
ping172. loss286.795 min287.877 avg290.539 max1.310 std
ping172. loss34.014 min35.161 avg37.824 max1.170 std
ping172. loss52.008 min53.405 avg58.142 max1.930 std
ping172. loss59.374 min61.430 avg66.157 max2.518 std

FreeBSD 10.0

up 44+16:08

0 users

load: 0.32 0.35 0.29

cpu0.0% user0.0% nice0.1% sys0.0% intr99.8% idle
hn01.58 Kb/s in1.71 Kb/s out5 pps in5 pps out
ping172. loss244.654 min245.014 avg245.361 max0.453 std
ping172. loss226.792 min227.220 avg227.964 max0.488 std
ping172. loss235.837 min236.236 avg236.629 max0.511 std
ping172. loss259.695 min261.056 avg262.339 max0.897 std
ping172. loss218.824 min219.775 avg221.856 max0.997 std
ping172. loss221.116 min221.538 avg222.161 max0.467 std
ping172. loss173.073 min174.254 avg175.622 max0.934 std
ping172. loss304.538 min305.815 avg308.951 max1.454 std
ping172. loss303.008 min304.491 avg306.694 max1.336 std
ping172. loss34.062 min36.331 avg41.587 max2.613 std
ping172. loss68.497 min70.448 avg75.511 max2.391 std
ping172. loss76.346 min79.843 avg87.934 max3.516 std

FreeBSD 10.0

up 44+16:05

0 users

load: 0.25 0.26 0.24

cpu0.1% user0.0% nice0.2% sys0.1% intr99.7% idle
hn01.57 Kb/s in1.70 Kb/s out5 pps in5 pps out
ping172. loss219.508 min220.013 avg220.489 max0.323 std
ping172. loss206.705 min207.312 avg207.577 max0.326 std
ping172. loss220.000 min220.370 avg221.371 max0.503 std
ping172. loss235.039 min236.860 avg240.988 max1.700 std
ping172. loss194.390 min195.086 avg196.678 max0.719 std
ping172. loss155.015 min155.896 avg157.228 max0.818 std
ping172. loss106.692 min107.447 avg108.646 max0.600 std
ping172. loss229.606 min231.047 avg234.590 max1.436 std
ping172. loss237.213 min240.167 avg255.862 max5.442 std
ping172. loss52.110 min54.953 avg71.160 max5.578 std
ping172. loss68.519 min71.560 avg86.942 max5.305 std
ping172. loss9.920 min14.197 avg30.598 max5.993 std

FreeBSD 10.0

up 44+16:02

0 users

load: 0.42 0.33 0.30

cpu0.1% user0.0% nice0.2% sys0.5% intr99.2% idle
hn01.59 Kb/s in1.72 Kb/s out5 pps in5 pps out
ping172. loss228.393 min228.963 avg229.696 max0.670 std
ping172. loss204.204 min204.651 avg206.536 max0.707 std
ping172. loss203.607 min204.146 avg205.238 max0.689 std
ping172. loss234.316 min240.718 avg253.091 max7.295 std
ping172. loss200.106 min200.781 avg201.905 max0.722 std
ping172. loss162.381 min163.303 avg164.110 max0.666 std
ping172. loss114.078 min115.012 avg118.090 max1.216 std
ping172. loss237.978 min239.769 avg246.647 max2.551 std
ping172. loss244.118 min246.399 avg252.809 max2.580 std
ping172. loss59.156 min62.809 avg79.523 max6.155 std
ping172. loss76.357 min80.204 avg97.582 max6.398 std
ping172. loss9.741 min13.305 avg30.245 max6.166 std

FreeBSD 10.0

up 44+10:05

0 users

load: 0.03 0.16 0.22

cpu0.1% user0.0% nice0.1% sys0.0% intr99.9% idle
hn01.58 Kb/s in1.71 Kb/s out5 pps in5 pps out
ping172. loss81.339 min82.158 avg86.500 max1.511 std
ping172. loss93.082 min93.567 avg94.432 max0.521 std
ping172. loss94.619 min95.045 avg95.655 max0.460 std
ping172. loss112.502 min115.649 avg125.572 max3.507 std
ping172. loss126.252 min126.741 avg127.196 max0.347 std
ping172. loss85.252 min86.128 avg89.724 max1.316 std
ping172. loss146.878 min147.891 avg151.322 max1.341 std
ping172. loss14.878 min16.180 avg19.212 max1.339 std
ping172. loss279.473 min284.744 avg320.206 max12.048 std
ping172. loss304.691 min305.886 avg309.548 max1.798 std
ping172. loss229.656 min231.756 avg236.224 max2.444 std
ping172. loss237.695 min240.265 avg243.915 max2.328 std

NetBSD 6.1.4

up 43+16:21

0 users

load: 0.00 0.00 0.00

cpu0.0% user0.0% nice0.0% sys0.0% intr100.0% idle
xennet00.34 Kb/s in0.08 Kb/s out2 pps in0 pps out

FreeBSD 10.0

up 41+10:12

0 users

load: 0.32 0.26 0.24

cpu0.0% user0.0% nice0.2% sys0.3% intr99.6% idle
hn01.57 Kb/s in1.71 Kb/s out5 pps in5 pps out
ping172. loss83.418 min84.037 avg84.887 max0.449 std
ping172. loss97.001 min97.844 avg98.532 max0.599 std
ping172. loss96.946 min97.514 avg97.882 max0.452 std
ping172. loss116.508 min123.028 avg130.820 max5.446 std
ping172. loss141.476 min142.297 avg143.450 max0.634 std
ping172. loss84.556 min85.658 avg87.594 max1.007 std
ping172. loss152.736 min153.963 avg155.754 max0.934 std
ping172. loss14.707 min15.916 avg17.654 max0.924 std
ping172. loss286.587 min287.798 avg289.264 max0.924 std
ping172. loss303.588 min305.524 avg310.060 max2.147 std
ping172. loss237.461 min240.115 avg243.257 max2.344 std
ping172. loss244.426 min247.276 avg250.123 max2.145 std

OpenBSD 5.2

up 25+21:37

0 users

load: 0.17 0.17 0.16

cpu0.0% user0.0% nice1.8% sys0.1% intr98.0% idle
em01.65 Kb/s in1.76 Kb/s out6 pps in5 pps out
ping172. loss59.182 min60.104 avg62.812 max0.996 std
ping172. loss28.375 min28.506 avg28.648 max0.097 std
ping172. loss31.568 min31.733 avg31.963 max0.147 std
ping172. loss57.533 min58.844 avg61.405 max1.242 std
ping172. loss55.470 min56.201 avg56.790 max0.525 std
ping172. loss48.851 min49.075 avg49.874 max0.373 std
ping172. loss126.516 min127.145 avg130.098 max1.062 std
ping172. loss141.734 min143.247 avg148.290 max1.889 std
ping172. loss193.306 min193.592 avg194.237 max0.615 std
ping172. loss219.072 min219.509 avg220.061 max0.533 std
ping172. loss194.790 min194.995 avg195.236 max0.324 std
ping172. loss200.341 min200.832 avg201.643 max0.680 std
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PlanetUnix Networks' News Archive
9-28-2007     Brian

After a lot of customization and intense scripting, we have created a web hosting environment inside a chroot(2) jail. Kilo-Hosting is offering web hosting services based on our custom environment. Check them out for your hosting needs.

9-24-2007     Brian

The mirror server in Los Angeles will be replaced by a dual Xeon E5310 Dell PowerEdge SC1430 around mid-October.Cool Stuff.

8-26-2007     Brian

Our mirror service has been moved to Los Angeles, CA and is hosted at CalPOP.

4-23-2007     Brian

Third patch applied to all the OpenBSD systems which requires another reboot.

12-26-2006     Brian

Our mirror service is now hosting the NetBSD release engineering snapshot tree, as well as a NetBSD WWW mirror.

11-01-2006     Brian

The mirror service is now hosting a full, official NetBSD mirror via FTP, HTTP, and RSYNC.

10-17-2006     Brian

Both mail servers are now using the OpenBSD spamd(8) to filter incoming mail.

9-28-2006     Brian

Brought new backup server venus online. It will provide 960 GB of online backup space for all servers and workstations. Also purchased three more 320 GB ATA-133 hard drives from TigerDirect.

9-25-2006     Brian

Purchased two 320 GB ATA-133 hard drives for the mirror. This will expand our capacity to close to a terabyte. If you are interested in having a site mirrored, please e-mail me.

9-20-2006     Brian

Sent e-mail to OpenBSD www@ mailing list regarding mirror site. We should see some utilization soon after.

9-17-2006     Brian

Finished updating our cgi proxy for SSL support. The service members overseas in my old unit should enjoy this.

5-1-2006     Brian

OpenBSD archive created and population finished. Downloaded versions as far back as 2.0 from several mirrors across the globe.

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